We like to think we know what we're doing, but we're always happy when other people think so too!


"Credit Union Radio did a fantastic job producing our new jingle. If anyone goes anywhere else for this service, they're crazy! It's hard to improve on perfection."

"As a credit union marketing agency, it was a very natural step for us to partner with Credit Union Radio. Our mutual credit union clients get the best of both worlds. We couldn't be happier with CU Radio's ability to produce top-notch spots affordably, effectively and efficiently for our credit unions. Any credit union using radio advertising would be remiss if they didn't at least give them a call. I can't imagine partnering with any other production house! They know credit unions, and they know good radio advertising; it's a perfect match. If you're a credit union advertising with radio, you need Credit Union Radio, period."

"I love working with the Credit Union Radio crew. Their creative is fresh and attention getting. So many creative people cop an attitude if you ask for a change in the original copy, regardless of the reason - not these guys - they are truly client oriented and very good at what they do!"

"Our lead mortgage officer told me her recent call volume is the highest it has ever been, including when she was with other financial institutions in the same market. She says the market isn't expanding, so we're just getting a larger share. I attribute at least part of that to the quality of the radio commercials we are now running. Nice job Credit Union Radio!"

"Credit Union Radio was great to work with! Their knowledge of the credit union industry and commitment to producing ads that were a fit for our credit union made the process easy. The Credit Union Radio team worked hard to get our ad just right, and the turn-around time was incredibly fast!"

"A fellow credit union marketer recommended Credit Union Radio to me. I'm so glad! They listened carefully to what I was looking for, and put together a creative ad based on my specific needs. They are prompt, professional and great to work with. They even followed up after the ad aired to see how it was being received. Their costs were far lower than if I had written and produced the ad myself. I'll definitely use them again, and would highly recommend them to other credit unions."

"If you are going to spend money in radio you should be spending money on your production. You'll never stand out with the same voice over and same messages as your competion. Get a fresh, creative ad with Credit Union Radio. They speak the language to attract your target demographic and make it fun or funny! You gotta get their attention on the radio or put your money some place else."

"Credit Union Radio was terrific to work with in creating our recent radio spots. They were fast and priced right! Not to mention their work hit the mark."

"The Credit Union Radio team have blown me away. I selected them for their perfect combination of high caliber, creative quality and affordability, and somehow, they have far exceeded my already high expectations! To make it even better, they have impressive turnaround, and they are a lot of fun to work with."