We are proud to be the first audio production company that exclusively services credit unions nationwide!

In 2000, when we first began working with credit unions, we quickly learned the common frustrations marketing managers had with getting quality creative production for their radio ads.  Many marketers who have experience in the financial industry were not accustomed to using mass media. Similarly, radio stations who offer production can’t dedicate the time necessary to craft the message, and don't have access to the variety of voice actors needed to execute the concept properly.  The result is often an ad that misses the mark. We want to create audio that's memorable - for radio, and also for TV, on-hold messaging, podcasts, and any place else you can use audio to tell your story and build your brand with each member interaction.



At this year's CUNA Marketing and Business Development Council Conference, our productions won four Diamond Awards, including three "Category's Best." We like to think we know what we're doing, but we're always happy when other people think so too!   




"As a credit union marketing agency, it was a very natural step for us to partner with Credit Union Radio. Our mutual credit union clients get the best of both worlds. We couldn't be happier with CU Radio's ability to produce top-notch spots affordably, effectively and efficiently for our credit unions. Any credit union using radio advertising would be remiss if they didn't at least give them a call. I can't imagine partnering with any other production house! They know credit unions, and they know good radio advertising; it's a perfect match. If you're a credit union advertising with radio, you need Credit Union Radio, period."

-Terrill Herbig, President - The BA Group